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Monday, August 9, 2021

Destiny Early Child Development & Day Care - Kenya


This Kenya village school in Nyrombe, Kenya called "Destiny Early Child Development and Day Care" has been open for two weeks now and has grown from 2 children the first day to 25 children and they are still expecting many more. It has been well received and has added another volunteer teacher to help teach and care for the children. After opening they quickly moved into the church sanctuary to give them more room together and then began to split off into two separate age groups of younger and older ages and started utilizing the classrooms again. Chairs were added gradually as children continued to come. More tables and chairs are still needed as the growth continues. 

We continue to pray for favor and increased provision in every way for this little village church and early child development center as the Lord's hand blesses it and uses it to minister to these little children and to this Kenya village people as a whole. God's going to use these little children and this budding school to reach the village people with His heart, to open them to His Word and to manifest His blessing in their lives. 

They are presently needing the finished plastering work on the floors in the classrooms at a cost of $340 for the truckload of sand, 20 bags of cement and labor. Needed chairs are $3.50 each and a table costs $30.

Each purchase of a chair or table is an investment into an opportunity and invitation for a child to discover and find their seat of authority in the Kingdom and come to the table of blessing that the Lord has prepared for them.

Support to help feed the children their daily lunch would be greatly appreciated as well.

"Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, 
for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.” 
Matt 19:14

For more information or to donate and sow into this Kingdom project you can contact Pst John Omondi at:

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DestinyECD Center

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Destiny Day Care Opens! Kenya


The Destined Day Care school officially opened July 26th along with the other schools that were allowed to open after the 30-day lockdown due to Covid. The first day 2 children came, and by the second day it had turned into 12 children attending. They moved from the smaller classroom into the church sanctuary building to give them more space and to comply with the Covid rules. The children were taught, played together, were fed lunch, had outdoor activities together, and took naps as desired. 

They are anticipating many more children, and are initially and presently able to offer free day care with the volunteer help of the teacher and those that assist. This is a work of the Lord that will touch the hearts of the village people and open their hearts to trust and know Jesus. "Sometimes the Lord uses small acts of charity to turn the hearts of the people back to Him." 

It is a work of faith, taking each step day by day as the Lord leads and provides. We bless this ministry and the heart of this pastor to reach the village people that the Lord has called him to.

For more information or to contribute to this Kingdom work you can contact Pst John Omondi at:

Needs chairs and tables at this time:

Chair - $3.50 each  (need 20 more chairs)

Tables - $30 each

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Thursday, June 17, 2021

Sunday School & Day Care Building


The Lord's hand continues to bless and increase this Kenya Village Church and developing Apostolic Center. Its growth since its opening in September 2020 has necessitated building a separate classroom for the children to meet in at the same time as the adults during Sunday services. The Lord has faithfully provided for this classroom as the Kindergarten school vision will be incorporated into it and then ultimately it will give birth to a school. The classroom will not remain vacant during the week but will be used as a day care and kindergarten during the weekdays. Pst John believes the Lord will expand this work little by little.

The construction of the new classroom began May 25th with the securing of the trees for the lumber, trimming and treating the lumber, purchase and transport of the building supplies, then actual construction of the classroom, laying of the concrete floor, installing door and windows, and finally the future planning of an official launching and opening ceremony of the Sunday school and Day Care classroom. 

The name given to this initial phase of the school is "Destiny Children's Day Care" that speaks of the divine destiny of these children as they walk and grow with the Lord in their journey together.

We congratulate this pastor in his hard work and steps of faith as he follows the Lord's leading and works in partnership with Him to serve and transform this village for His glory. The Kingdom is at hand and is touching and changing lives and villages just like this one.

Classroom under construction

In the future we will use the space to the left
between the latrine and the hall to expand the school.

Backside of classroom with windows

Church with classroom adjacent


Trimming of timber for walls

The transporting of 4 different truckloads of floor materials 
(clay, chips, murium, bags of cement)



Pst John is praying and believing God for an additional $250 that would allow the expansion of the classroom to be extended and give them 2 classrooms instead on only one. Consider sowing into this Kingdom vision.

Will post again soon at the official opening of the classroom in the near future.
For more information or if interested in supporting this Kingdom vision contact Pst John Omondi at:

To see the beginning post of this village church and developing apostolic center click on:

Update as of 7-3-21:
The Kisumu County has been placed on a 30 day lockdown due to Covid-19 and all church service gatherings have been restricted through mid July. So we continue to seek the Lord through this time for His will and provision for the completion of this classroom.

Update 7-24.21
The expansion of the classroom was completed and ready for opening on July 26th along with the opening of the other schools in the area after the 30 day lockdown. Chairs and a few tables have been purchased and ready for opening as they continue to walk by faith and bless this village people with a day care/school.

Expansion of classroom completed

Sunday, June 13, 2021

Growing Church Ministry in Kisii, Kenya

Praising God for all that He is doing in Kenya. God is on the move in a mighty way! He's growing His church in Kenya as they pray and worship Him. There's joy and rejoicing in the house of the Lord at the local church connected to this Bridge of Love Orphanage outside of Kisii, Kenya. The Orphanage has grown from 16 children to 32 children, and many have graduated to upper level schools. Below is some video footage of their recent service and worship....

The pastor and director of the Orphanage has also planted 5 other churches since the opening of the Orphanage and ministers in them often outside of the local church. God is multiplying the seeds planted in this ministry for His glory.
Below is some video footage of their worship at a new church plant.

Below is video during a service where a woman was being delivered from a demon.

For more information on this ministry or to send support, you can contact Pastor Isaac, the pastor and director at:

To follow previous posts on this ministry go to:

Bridge of Love Orphanage & Church Ministry

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Water Treatment Needed - Kenya Village


This Kenya village that the Lord has sent Pst John Omondi to has a great need for clean drinking water for the village people. The village people consume their drinking water from the streams and river that flows near it. As you can see in the videos below the river that provides their drinking water is also the same water that the cows, sheep and goats also drink from. It's drunk raw the way it is without any form of treatment. The mud and filth are swept into the river, yet the people consume it the way it is without any form of treatment. There is a great need for some sort of water treatment for these village people to be able to aquire cleaner drinking water. This a great prayer need of Pst John's heart that the Lord would supply for this village people that they will see God's heart and hand of supply to them in their need.  Unsanitized water is the cause of many water born diseases affecting the villagers. Please join us in this prayer need. 

Jesus, You are the Way Maker, the Miracle Worker, the Promise Keeper, the Light in the darkness. That is who You are....You are Lord and King, and You see this situation and need, and You meet all of their needs. Your Kingdom come into this village and meet their needs that they may come to the waters and drink clear and healthy water that comes from You. We thank You for Your provision and faithfulness. Amen

"Your kingdom come, Your will be done
on earth as it is in heaven."
Matthew 6:10

Before rains...

After rains....

Pst John has suggested something simple that is affordable and more immediate and that could serve the community well. He has suggested a community water tank positioned at the church that is designed to harvest rain water from gutters that would be attached to the church's roof metal sheets that would channel the clean rain water and gather it into a large 10,000 liter tank. They would need to also erect a flat base surface where the tank will rest on. The base is constructed using bricks, concrete, plus cement.  The cost of this large 10,000 tank is $820, and the other materials needed plus labor and transport of materials is estimated to be $1000 all together (including the tank). This could be a great blessing to the community as we appeal to the Lord and to His wellwishers that may feel led to sow into this nobel cause to help these village people aquire clean drinking water. Please consider this in your prayers.

This is similar to what is needed.

Contact Pst John Omondi for more information at:

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Monday, February 8, 2021

Homes for Widows in Kenya Village

"Where is the house that you will build Me?
And where is the place of My rest?"
Isaiah 66:1

This village church and apostolic center in the Nyarombe Village of Kenya that the Lord led Pst John Omondi to build has continued to grow and minister to the village people. Along with reaching the local orphans and children there, blessing the widows is an area that the Spirit of God has been moving on by rebuilding and repairing some of the widows homes in the area. Many of the homes there are African mud homes that have stood for years and provided protection for them from the elements, but some are also deteriorating, leaking and needing repair or just rebuilding all together. Pst John's heart has gone out to these widows in their plight and has been praying for more support and provisions that would allow him to make more of an impact upon these village people and widows. The Lord has been answering that prayer as He moves upon hearts to come alongside him with financial support for this need.

Below is the first widow's old house that was eventually torn down after the new one was built. It was the first house built to bless the widow that donated the land for the church. Her roof was leaking and she had to huddle in the corner when it rained to stay dry. Pst John knew this widow could have easily donated that land to get money for a new home, but rather she chose to donate it for the contruction of a church that would benefit the village people. The Lord blessed her in return for her generous and selfless gift.

Widow that donated land stands in front of her
old mud house with the leaking roof and no windows.


Widow's new plastered house with new roof, 
door and windows.

This new house is a 2 bedroom plastered home with windows and metal door that replaced the widow's one bedroom home that had no windows at all, had a broken wooden door, and had walls that were cracked, eroded and unplastered. The plastering over the mud walls is more expensive, but it also adds more strength, a good esthetic finishing, and prevents the rains from eroding the mud walls.

However with this blessing there became a challenge Pst John faced. Many of the members of the church that began attending were vulnerable people who were also pulled to the church through the charity work of the widow's house. Other widows that began attending approached Pst John to help them get a house like he was able to get for this widow. There was one widow whose bed mattress was on the mud floor, and when it rained the water flowed into it and would get her mattress wet. Another widow had to leave her home and move far away to a rental place as one of the mud walls of her home caved in and she had no one to help her rebuild.  Pst John acknowleded, "The needs are diverse and they are real." He began praying that the Lord would bless him with increased support to help these widows and village people more since the Lord brought him there for a purpose. The Lord has been faithful.

A new bed was provided for the 2nd widow as repairs began being made to her present home. Murium/clay and cement is being added to raise and transform the mud floor into a concrete floor to keep rain out, and plastering is being done to the outside walls to create strength. The real blessing has been that this widow was not a member of the church, it was only her daughter-in-law that was a member, but as a result of these acts of kindness she has confessed that she is now becoming a member of the church. Love has pulled her, and now she will be able to hear the Gospel, the Living Word. Jesus' passion was meeting both the spiritual as well as the physical.


      New bed for 2nd widow
to place her mattress on and get it off the floor

Other Widow's Needs:
There are other widows whose mud homes are worn, weakened, and leaking that need replacing. Some whose homes weren't plastered so the walls have washed out by rains, and even one that finally caved in all together, forcing her to relocate far away to a rental property.

A widow's home: walls washed out, leaking roof,
anf timber that is weakened.

Another widow's home: walls caved in. 
Had to abandon to a rental far away. 
Had no one to help her rebuild. 

There are many widows in need here, and the Father's heart is towards them. He is moving upon this area of home repairs and rebuilding for these widows in this village as Holy Spirit creates and makes the way for more support and hearts to join in this Kingdom work. 

Process of Building an African Mud Home:
The process of building one of these mud homes with a concrete floor is very interesting. The men work very hard as you can see in these videos below. They are hard working people here in Kenya and Africa. The stages of building are shown below with pictures taken from the building of the first widow's house. The videos are of the concreting of the floor taken from when the floor was done at the church. These pctures and videos show the process for those of you that are interested in learning more about these African ways of building. The heavy rainy seasons there are March-May and October-November and make it much more difficult to transport the heavy loads of murium, stone chips and sand. The feeder roads into the village become a swamp so it more of a challenge to build during these rainy seasons. See video below:

Truck transporting load of murium stuck.
Swampy roads from heavy rains.

1. Buying timber - cutting them down into size.
2. Buy roofing metal sheeets plus heavier roofing timber.
3. Engaging the carpenter for building.
4. When structure is done, mud is put on wall- 2 stages.
5. Fixing in windows and doors.
6. Final stage - plastering for added strength & esthetics if desired.

Stage 1: Cutting down trees and cutting them to different lumber sizes

Stage 2: Carpenter builds structure and places roofing materials

Stage 3: Mixing mud composition and placing mud in 
walls. This must dry for 2 weeks before more mud 
is placed to fill in gaps that were left after walls dried.

Stage 5: Windows and doors are placed.
Stage 6: 2nd layer of mud covering (see side wall) 
Stage 7: Plastering (front wall with door & window)

1. Purchase truckload of muriam/clay, stone chips, load of sand, and bags of sand.
2. Lay 4 inches of murium/clay.
3. Place layer of stone chips that are then pounded to compact them together.
3. Mix cement and sand and pour over murium & stone chips - concreting floor.

Stage 1: Purchase and deliver supplies 
(murium, stone chips, sand, concrete bags)

Stage 2: Carting the murium into place

Stage 3: Pounding the stone to make it compact before cementing

Stage 4: Concreting - mixing cement, carting it in, 
and pouring it on top of murium.

Pst John also has a desire to build a separate house on the church property that would basically be like a foodbank, supplying food and supplies for the widows and orphans there; supplies such as maize, beans, salt, etc.

For those that may feel led to send support or donate towards this widow home effort or to the ministry needs and vision at large you can contact Pst John for more information at:

Father God, we thank You for Your faithfulness to provide and to bless as You invite us into Your Kingdom work. We thank You that Your eyes and heart are upon this village and these widows and orphans and that You have sent Your son, John, as a servant to carry and to impart Your Spirit, to teach the people the ways of Your Kingdom, and to bless them as they come to receive Jesus and know You as their Father and learn that they are covenent children of God. May Your presence fill each house and each heart. And Father, we ask You to cotinue to multitply and increase this ministry and show Yourself mighty on their behalf. Let us see many come into the Kingdom as Your hand and Your heart of blessing touches and transforms this village. You have not forgotten them. They are on Your heart. Your love flows to them through every heart and gift of kindness, service and generosity. We speak and decree multiplied blessings upon them and espcially back upon those that sow into this ministry. Amen

"True spirituality that is pure in the eyes 
of our Father God is to make a difference 
in the lives of the orphans and widows
in their troubles, and to refuse to be 
corrupted by the world's values.
James 1:27 TPT

Click on link to see the initial post on this ministy:

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Releasing PEACE Over Pastors & Nations

Releasing PEACE over these Pastors and their families and their ministries and their nation. JESUS, You are the Prince of Peace. Holy Spirit pour out into their lives, their homes, their families and their nation. Bring healing to their hearts, bodies and souls. Strengthen them in their service to You in the Kingdom. Bless them BIG, Lord. Amen